Casa Antonieta
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The House

casa antonieta

Casa Antonieta is characterized for being a unique & peace full place, combining the simplicity and hospitality of a Oaxacan home with the attention and quality of a modern Hotel. Ideal to disconnect from everyday life, stop time and enjoy every moment.

If you like exploring, unique experiences in great comfort and rich culture, you are in the right place. Your home away from home, to enjoy and relax.

We firmly believe that exclusive and trustworthy attention can only occur in a home, where the guests really are guests, the building is familiar, comfortable and homely. That's when the magic happens, when you automatically connect with the environment and become our accomplice in this adventure.

We are passionate about meeting and sharing with creative, adventurous and positive people. We love our city and we want you to discover what we like most about it, always keeping in mind that you will have a home to reach after your tour of Oaxaca.



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The architectural beauty of Casa Antonieta is of great importance to us, adapting it to the needs of the Hotel without losing its essence was carefully considered in its remodeling. When entering the first thing you will notice is the large columns that support the entire building. The perfect symmetry of the arches that surround the beautiful courtyard which allow the flow of fresh air and light creating a fresh and peaceful atmosphere. It is a common area, where you can spend time having a cup of coffee from our own Muss Cafe while you plan your next trip, sit down, relax, have a chat, share your stories with us or with other travelers like yourself.

Oaxaca has an unparalleled historical heritage, as you walk through its streets you will find some architectural sites dating from the seventeenth century, temples, houses, squares and walkways that share the same Spanish colonial style and are proof of the great cultural wealth we have inherited.

We are proud to tell you that Casa Antonieta is part of the first buildings in Oaxaca, The Spanish Villa de Antequera was built in mid-1529, between the current streets of Independencia and Hidalgo. Located in the first block of this project. We are part of the construction of the old convent of San Pablo, which contains the first evidence of human occupation in the area of Oaxaca. The site served as a parish of the indigenous population that lived in the towns around the city.